Monday, March 9, 2009

9 - Blue Bird Bistro

NOTE: Aside from the wonderful food, Blue Bird Bistro stands as one of Kansas City's strongest local food advocates. I'm very pleased to say that Emily Akins, my favorite Kansas City local food blogger and locavore, has graciously accepted to guest blog tonight's entry. Enjoy!

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I've always loved the motto at Blue Bird Bistro: "Organic - All Natural - Sustainable - Local." This is a restaurant that knows what to do and does it well. They source an astonishing amount of their food locally, and when they get those fresh, local, organic ingredients into their kitchen they work wonders to create a well honed, finely tuned menu that offers something wonderful for vegans, omnivores, and everyone in between. They also host a Farmer's Table periodically which allows you to meet and greet the farmers who grew your food. Blue Bird truly takes seriously the relationships between eaters and growers and restaurant.
Their black bean burger is a standard on the menu - and it lives up to their standards of well crafted, house made food. It is a serious burger with a patty made of black beans, mushroom, carrots, and corn. And it is just as interesting, simple and beautiful as the rest of the items on the menu. Not to mention, delicious. Try it topped with local white cheddar cheese, too, for another layer of goodness.

- Emily

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