Saturday, March 21, 2009

21 - Free State Brewing Co.

Mustard is my favorite condiment. Oh, I'm sorry, did I already mention that? Well, I'll say it again. Mustard is my favorite condiment, and at Free State Brewing Co. it is Mustard March Madness. Unfortunately I didn't make it early enough and they had already run out of all but one little jar of garlic mustard. But I enjoyed it all the same.
The veggie burger was great. Top points for texture and flavor, bonus points for hand cut fries and an honorable mention for the delicious barley wine. I have to confess it took some convincing to make another trip out to Lawrence. The thought of spending more than ten minutes in the car just makes me antsy. But I'm really glad we ended up going anyway and we couldn't have chosen a more beautiful day.
Next year I will make sure I get to Mustard March Madness at the beginning of the month. For now, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for the mustard drawing. Now, wouldn't that be a phenomenal way to end my veggie burger project!

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Anonymous said...

jaywalking like a jayhawk! love it! (p.s. my fave beer at free state is AdAstra-delish!)

Sergio said...

That's the one Emily had, and I agree, it was amazing. I had the barley wine. We don't go to Lawrence often enough, and now we have two great places to eat there. It's going to be hard to choose!

Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad you made it to freestate! I've been eatin' the freestate veggie burger for yeeeers. Aren't the fried the best? Oh, and you know you can get growlers of those beers to take home...just sayin.