Tuesday, March 17, 2009

17 - McFadden's

The problem with McFadden's on St Patrick's Day is that it attracts the kind of people who will lean their drunken face into your personal space and unashamedly ask if they can have one of your fries. Other than that, and the blasting music (none of which was Irish, by the way), it's a fine place to have a veggie burger and a Guinness.
The Power and Light District has been for me quite a dilemma. On the one hand, as a downtowner, I'm excited about the development and the increased traffic in my neighborhood. I love the idea that I live in a city that has a lively downtown area. I just wish it didn't feel as artificial. The P&L District has been criticized enough, I won't add to the long list of complaints. All I'm hoping is that we will start seeing more local businesses, other than bars and restaurants, open downtown. We need a bookstore and a couple more coffee shops.
I know I'm just a boring old square and I was totally asking for it by going to the Power and Light Meat Market on what is perhaps the biggest excuse of the year to get crazy and dumb. So, I'll just tell you that my burger and fries were just fine, and I actually didn't mind sharing a few with a total stranger. Top o' the burger to ya!

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