Thursday, March 5, 2009

5 - The Granfalloon

I was wondering today, as I enjoyed the Black Bean Burger at The Granfalloon, what might be the thought process behind adding a veggie burger to a menu. Of course, it makes perfect sense at a burger restaurant where they have a variety of burgers. Or, maybe at a a vegetarian restaurant, duh! But, The Granfalloon is not really the kind of place that caters to vegetarians, and I wonder how often their veggie burger even gets ordered. Do any meat eaters order it?
We scrutinized that menu; just about every other item had blackened chicken breast on it. And, aside from a couple of appetizers, the only veggie options were the Black Bean Burger and a veggie pizza. It didn't seem at all like the kind of place where a lack of veggie options would be noticed. And yet, they have a veggie burger. And it's not just a plain burger either, it's spruced up a bit with a nice touch of caramelized onions and roasted red peppers.
So, how does it happen? Does a bar owner say to the chef, "we should add a veggie burger." Do enough people ask for it that they finally decide to offer one? Or, is it simply becoming the norm? Who knows.
No, really, who knows? Anyone?

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"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...


I've enjoyed following your veggie burger journey. You look amazing Sergio!!!I can see you've lost a lot of weight since our fun times together at CCC. Remember how we'd send emails at work and reverse the font color so it looked like a blank page? You helped the days go by and stay fun!

How many years ago did you and Emily marry? I'm trying to recall how long it's been since I've seen you. Six years? My hubby and I are going on three years of wedded bliss.

Visit my blog any time.

Take care,

The Rustic Owl said...

You need to try Blue Bird BIstro. They are vegan and vegetarian friendly and the meat they do serve is organic, fresh and local.

Sergio said...

Hello Rustic Owl! Thanks for stopping by. Blue Bird Bistro has been at the top of my list from the beginning!!! So, I'll definitely be there in the next few weeks. BBB is one of my favorite KC restaurants. Cheers!