Thursday, March 26, 2009

26 - Willie's

There are bicycles hanging from the ceiling at Willie's. Not that it has anything to do with veggie burgers, I just thought it was interesting. The onion rings were really good. I hadn't had onion rings since I started this blog. And the veggie burger was good, too. It was spicy. I'm not one to frequent sports bars, but I'm very happy Willie's has a veggie burger and I would gladly order it again. They have an amazing view of the Sprint Center. I think it would be fun to go when the garage doors are open and the weather is nice. I only have five veggie burgers left and it's making me kind of sad. Cheers.

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"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...

It makes me sad to think you only have a few days left. I hope you'll find something else to blog about so I can keep up with you.


Lindsey Joy said...

want a little onion ring with that mustard?? ok, I kid... who am I to talk? I dip mine in loads of ketchup. I LOVE onion rings and those look amazing!!

Sergio said...

You know me, I've got to have the mustard!