Friday, March 20, 2009

20 - Houston's

Tonight was the first time I felt a little bit strange ordering a veggie burger. Houston's is a very nice place; as you walk in there is a sign that reads "Proper Attire Required." I was nervous I might not be dressed well enough, until I saw a guy at the bar in an old t-shirt and jeans. Nonetheless, this seemed more like the kind of place where you order some kind of fancy steak and a bottle of wine.
My friend Jeanée recommended this veggie burger, and I'm so glad she did because I would've never guessed Houston's had one. But it was right there, the second one on the list of burgers and sandwiches. And it was good. The texture of the patty was just right and it held together very well. I had the fries, but next time I'll order the side of root vegetables instead. That's what Emily ordered, and they were really yummy.
It's hard to believe I'm already on day 20. I have to admit that it makes me a little bit sad to think that I'm already two thirds of the way into this project, and that in less than two weeks it'll be over. So, I'm just going to keep making the best of every veggie burger day I have left. Thanks for your company!

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"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...

It makes me a little sad to think you only have 11 days left of this veggi-blog-journey. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading each days post and especially enjoy seeing and hearing your video review.

I do hope that you will continue blogging after your 31-day journey.

Love your Oklahoma friend,

mc said...

Sergio, this is my first visit to your blog, and I love it! It makes me want to start going down your list and trying out all the delicious veggie burgers you've been writing about!
--meghan craig

Jeanee said...

Yeah! You finally went to Houston's for the veggie burger Shaun and I love so much. I'm glad you thought it was "off the hook!" And I LOVE the talking muppett sugar holder...

Elizabeth said...

ha ha. love it. I used to work at a restaurant with those suger holder and would make them "talk" all the time. Nice voice. Very muppet worthy.

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