Friday, March 6, 2009

6 - Barley's Bar

Well, it was actually kind of funny. We made the trek out to Overland Park, waited about twenty minutes before we were seated, looked at the menu and couldn't find the veggie burger that I'd been told on the phone they had. The server at Barley's Brewhaus was very kind and I felt bad for him - it happened to be his first night - when I explained that it was nothing personal but we were going to have to leave. "Are you serious?" he asked. "Yes, I'm really sorry, it's just that I was really kind of set on having a veggie burger," I replied, in the friendliest tone I could muster. "It's a bit of a project," Emily offered.
A few minutes later, we were arriving at Elephant Bar, which was also on my list, but not scheduled till later in the month. The people at Elephant Bar are really nice, I really enjoyed the service. But the veggie burger was a little tough on the edges. Still, it was a great night to sit outside while the weather was nice.
I'm really excited about tomorrow's veggie burger. As soon as we got in the car, I called to confirm their hours and the existence of said veggie burger. It's all good. I'm also excited about sharing the veggie burger experience with a couple of great friends who will make a guest appearance. So, you won't want to miss it. Happy veggie burgers!

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Shannon said...

So is this one a negatory?

Sergio said...

I'm afraid it's just not worth the drive. But the Guinness was nice :)

Anonymous said...

i love that you LEFT-you are very committed to the veggie burger goal!! go sergio!

barley's is one of my favorite places, so i'm disappointed at their lack of a veggie burgers for my vegetarian friends! :o(

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